My Approach

I always try to use inclusive, encouraging language as I speak. I am always open to learning how I can get better with this and so appreciate feedback on how my cues land with people.

I do not make physical adjustments. If I observe that it might benefit people to adjust their alignment in a pose, I will do my best to express this verbally or I will demonstrate.

I am mindful that all bodies are different and that how I experience a pose may not be how another person does. I cue poses in a way that communicates the intention of the pose or session. I believe that if people can explore with this in mind, that they are more likely to find the version of the pose and alignment that works for their body and needs.

I try and ensure some continuity in my classes so that people can track their own progress if they are attending weekly. So for example, I might use the same core flow in each class for a month so that people can learn it, gain confidence and notice the difference it makes over the course of the month. I believe that having consistency is helpful for building a practice.