About Me

My name is Hayley . I’m a yoga teacher based in Edinburgh. My day job is in community mental health and I try and bring what I have learned through my work to my yoga practice and teaching.

I first went to a yoga class in 2008 to try and help manage stress I was experiencing because of my job at the time, which was in residential mental health. I loved my job but it was emotionally intense, the hours were long and the pay was terrible.

The classes were on a Monday morning and my teacher was great. She was able to cater to a mixture of beginners like me and people who looked like they had been practicing for decades.

The class was in the basement of a rundown leisure centre in South London and cost £3 a session. I was on a low income and living in an expensive city at the time so I’m not sure I’d have tried it if it cost a lot. It made it inclusive to a lot of people and meant the classes had a range of ages and walks of life.

My first experience is one that stayed with me and is the reason that I do my best to offer yoga classes that are accessible to a range of experiences, bodies, ages and financial situations. I strongly believe that yoga should be for everyone.